Resource Database: Books, Journals, Resources on Psychiatric Alternatives & Mad Studies

We are starting to build a list of resources, books, journal articles, news articles, blog posts, etc., that discuss, evaluate, or provide perspective on mental health issues with a survivor focus in mind.

You can access it here!

Part of our mission here at MADSoC is to help members find and access articles, evidence, and ideas around madstudies/survivorvoices/consumer/psyc-alternatives.

So far each entry includes the article details and a link to more information or the article itself if it is available online.

If you have suggestions, additions, or comments please leave them here, or email us at themadsocietyofcanada@gmail.com

P.S. We are also compiling a database of survivor led or driven groups/organizations across Canada, stay tuned! And again, please contact us with any organizations you think should be included.


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